Wednesday 29th July 2009

Dear all   We thought it couldn't get worse but it has! A dreadful day that would have sent the most hardy home but the Permanent Way Team really stuck it out to complete the Postern Lodge project. The scene there now is of the track laid and clipped up to the concrete sleepers, packed to preserve the cant through the site and stone dropped to build up the crossing so it is fit for purpose. A truly remarkable achievement and thanks are due to all involved with the planning, assembly of materials and the physical work associated with the project. Tomorrow sees the work to tidy the site of redundant materials and recover the Komatsu and Works Train back to Wirksworth ready for the next delivery of sleepers on Friday.   Back at base there was little incentive to try and do anything productive but the S&T project inched forward after another reviving visit to Twiggs. The 2 Car Met-Cam set was given an internal clean and the "machine shop" was in action to produce S&T bits on the lathe.   We welcomed a visitor from the Tanfield Railway who wanted to crawl all over Cathryn to see whether it had retained special features fitted when built. Apparently it does and a technical explanation will be given when I can understand it - this may take some time.   The Booking Hall entertained no-one and precious few telephone calls.   Martin   The PW team should assemble at Shottle tomorrow and the Work Train will return to Wirksworth towards the end of the day. The VCT Landrover is outstationed at Hazelwood and will return to Shottle at the end of the day.