Tuesday 15th April

Evenin' all,
Slightly late report due to nodding off in the bath when I got home.

Once again the main task was constructing a new drainage system in the
yard. Day 2 of the project saw the installatioj of the cross yard drain
and the installation of two catchpits, the third was also cut out and
will be positioned tomorrow. The ditch on the east side of the yard,
alonside the Incline was dug out for half of its length and will be
piped tomorrow, another, gush or two of water was released, this is
water that has been trapped by the clay at the foot of the incline
these many years.
Another team of the perway staff started changing crossing timbers on
the single slip point. Some of the chairs had sunk into the old
sleepers. Some of the chairs were found to be totally wrong for the
assembly. This is why the slip has looked peculiar. Further sleepers
will be changed. Another team took the chance to replace some track
material on the Incline whilst the service was suspended.

The VCT took the opportunity of recovering some fencing material from
opposite platform 3, once again maximising the Possession.

With the Incline being out of use this week, Iris was used on the
Idridgehay line - as it will be tomorrow, this allowed casual visitors
to have an unexpected run. The Buffet car was also in service.

In the new maintenance area, the Landrover had some yellow paint
applied, once again this will be continuing, near theother maointenance
shed, Wee Yorkie sported another gang busy on the cylinder and frames,
scrapers and wire brushes were much to the fore. The Woodcutters also
had a big turnout to carry on chopping the logs recently brought up.

This afternoon more training was carried out by one of our clients,
who loves our training siding.

With all of the action taking place in the yard, the site looked very
busy, with gangs scattered around.

Members arriving tomorrow and Thursday are reminded that due to
outside agencies, the water supply will be stopped between 0900 - 1800
on both days. If you want a brew - get there early And dont forget the
Wellies for the perway chaps.


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