Tues 30th June

Evenin' all,

Another great day saw our team of boffins fitting the electric
starter motor to Hydra, an application of electricity started the loco.
Up until now the two locos were air started. Now some proper final
fixing will be carried out. Well done to those concerned.

The Per way team started 'Operation Hoover' and recovered a load of
scrap. The old derailment site north of Shottle, revealed a good source
of buried material, which was cut up. A trip to Duffield meant that
more material was recovered, some broken concrete bits were dropped off
near the erosion site to act as infill.

The VCT continued with works south of Hazlewood.

The Dream Steam Team took delivery of the newly fabricated smoke box
for No 3, hopefully this will be finally positioned tomorrow. Work also
continued with replacing other bits and pieces.

The Tommy team continued with the top coating of the other shunter and
very smart it looks.

The Flail was inuse up the Incline and made excellent progress, giving
the area a good trim.

Tomorrow sees the Works Train departing from Wirksworth at about 0915
and picking up at Shottle. It will be returning to Wirksworth in the
evening. Dont forget that the road is closed south of Wirksworth, by
using the train, we are offering a service! Tomorrow sees continued
line clearance recovering time expired material.


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