The View From The 54th Floor

Good afternoon.

We are now less than a month to the Big Day and I thought it might be worth summarising just what the Marketing Department has been up to.

You will have seen the poster (attached) that has been designed by Orange Box Design of Wirksworth.  It will be going into over 50 East Midlands Trains stations and will also be used for advertising campaigns in Rail magazine and Railway Herald.  Meanwhile  more traditional advert have already appeared in Railways Illustrated and  Steam Railway and the next edition of Heritage Railway.  We have other adverts in the pipeline, while we are also going after editorial coverage.

The April edition of Railways Illustrated has an excellent three-page article on our line and I would like to thank Tom Tait for lining this up.  Better still, their reporter, Andrew Fowler was so impressed with the progress made by the LMS Carriage Association that their next edition will contain a piece just on the LMSCA’s progress here at Wirksworth!

We have significant articles appearing in the next editions of Heritage Railway and Railway Magazine, so keep a watch for the first of these coming-out this week.  I am expecting more coverage in the next edition of Rail, while Railway Herald is also covering us in the next couple of editions.

Meanwhile, we are producing and distributing around 10,000 leaflets that will find their way into houses, shops and exhibition spaces in the locality and even into subscription copies of Heritage Railway and Railway Magazine.

There are two flavours of the leaflet, one for Wirksworth and the north:

and one for Derby, the south and pretty much everywhere else:

To complement our posters, we also have a new mascot!  Winston the Wyvern is a family-friendly mascot based upon the railway’s logo and will be debuting on some new banners that we shall use to publicise the railway in the locality.  He will form part of a series of promotional materials in the offing that will be aimed at children and families.

In the next few weeks, you should also start to see one or two banners popping-up to publicise the opening, while it is also very important to acknowledge the work of John Hastings-Thompson in developing a relationship with Bachmann that not only has brought to market a beautiful 4mm model of a wagon from one of Wirksworth’s quarries, but provided us with extremely good publicity in the modelling community.  This will come to a climax in May when Bachmann are staging an event at our line on the 21st of the month.  John also ran the very successful leafleting exercise at Morrisons in Derby last weekend and again he deserves recognition for his efforts.

There is still much work to be done.  Last night I went to a railway society dinner in Stockport and as you can imagine, I was in ‘sell mode’.  Taking a straw poll of the other diners, while some where extremely clued-up about our activities, others were blissfully unaware.  We can never rest on our laurels!

Therefore, this email concludes with a request.  PLEASE do all you can to help us get the word around: download and print the posters and flyers; if you need large volumes, just email me direct.  Similarly, if you participate in any of the online web forums (National Preservation, Rail Forums or Railway Forum), please contribute to the threads concerning our line and help keep us near the top of the listings!  these cost us nothing but they do provide us with the oxygen of publicity.

Thank you for your time to read this: hopefully it marks the start of a veritable torrent of coverage for our line in the near future.

Kind regards,


(PS: For the benefit of readers who are unfamiliar with Wyvern Towers, it might be worth taking a moment to explain where the 54th floor is.  Wyvern Towers is a huge virtual skyscraper that hovers above the station site at Wirksworth and contains the executive offices of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway.  Marketing lives on the 54th floor and is just above the 53rd (Jacuzzi) and below the 55th (Passenger Services Turkish Bath and Massage Suite).  As it is a virtual office, I often virtually work there.)


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