Progress Thursday 3rd February 2011

Dear all   Another day of stupendous progress with activity centre around the PWT who managed affairs at Duffield and the north thereof together with further energy on the long process of sleeper squaring. The Works train left with 3 Dogfish loads of ballast and three "flat" vehicles comprising two Lowmacs and one Flatrol. Some 10 tonnes of ballast was deposited in Duffield Tunnel, a further 16 tonnes north of Holloway Road foot crossing and a further 16 tonnes along the straight north of "Edwards" Crossing. This is quite an expensive exercise and won't go away as we remedy years of neglect.   The Works Train used the "flat" wagons to move brash to the burning site and this was supplemented by 6 Landrover trailer loads as the product of the VCT's endeavours are moved to the burning site where two good fires consumed this unwanted material.   With the aid of a mini digger the "humps" created by the footings of the old footbridge at Duffield were broken up and the ground levelled around the entrance from Chapel Lane at Duffield and in preparation for the fencing that is going to be erected there. The mini digger was quite busy as it trenched a duct for the water pipe from the existing footbridge to the former "Vodaphone" building. Pipework was installed and the trench backfilled with the result we now have a water supply into the building. The platform team completed the work at the back of the structure and, aided by a roller lent to us, the base for the remaining tactiles was prepared. Spoil from around the site was moved and levelled for the intended garden area. This levelling included the area around the "Vodaphone" building after manholes were raise to the necessary height.   All involved deserve a loud round of applause for the amount of work achieved.   Back at base the new tank wagon had its axle boxes examined and measurements taken for new oil pads. It was declared to be in better condition than was thought after its years of inactivity.   The Directors Saloon had the first coat of gloss applied to the south end and the west side had its first fill after the panelling was securely fastened to the body.   A couple of general pleas follow:-   The skip provided for metal at Wirksworth required considerable attention and time wasting as it was found to contain rags and a myriad of plastic items. A reminder that the skip it is only for metal where we can earn money and not for sundry items where we have to pay for it to be taken away. There is a large wheelie bin provided for sundry rubbish.   We have had a look at a number of Facebook sites operated by members following a comment about inappropriate comments concerning personalities within our enterprise being made on one of them. I am all for freedom of communication but users of Facebook or Twitter have to be aware that comments concerning the Company and its volunteers should be fair, reasonable and, hopefully, positive. Be aware that people from both within and outside our enterprise have equal access to your comments and the law of libel (which is defamation by written or printed words, pictures or any form other than by spoken words or gestures) is applicable. Facts are easy to check - I'm only a phone call or email away.   Martin