Progress Report Sunday The 9th October 2011

Dear all,

A rather damp day here in the Gem of the Peak, with several small groups
carrying on the day to day business of maintenance and reconstruction.
The passenger service bobbled up and down in its immensely regular,
almost Swiss-like routine, and we greeted a Day with a Driver guest from
Birmingham who stayed so long he was still in the museum at 5pm when the
keys were being shaken.

Around the yard the LMS brake van rebuild was well in hand with about
1/4 of the side pannelling woodwork constructed. The steam team banged
away for most of the day dealing with the issue of rivets; and the DMU
team, overjoyed to have authentic lamp holders for unit 51505, continued
their illuminating work without having to resort to buying another dozen
biscuit tins (to the distress of the Mess Room incumbents, who were
hoping to eat the contents).

The path to the guerilla garden was cleared of an excess of weeds and
the Virtual Conscript, in the form of the Booking Hall Clerk, dealt with
a stump near the main gate.

Towards the end of the day, a great assembling of railcars took place
for a forthcoming charter train and sign making was engaged in for the
Model Railway Exhibition, a gift which we annually bestow upon
Wirksworth, next weekend.

All the best,