Progress Report Sunday The 28th Of December 2014

Dear all,

We were jolly cold today even though the sun was out for most of the day. The Passenger Department occupied itself with creating the usual network of snowpaths around our freezing station and contemplated the need for more snowshovels. The DMU team occupied itself with completing more trim on unit 50253.

Down the yard the LMSCA carried on with assorted tasks including door work for the BSK and, nearby, Stokes and Field Probe Inserters carried out some very successful routine maintenance on the Pullman second class, thus eliminating the strobe effect on the interior lights. The theme of lighting continued near the shed where a number of new quality tubes were fitted in the shed paint store.

Can I remind all staff not to turn off essentially labelled heaters, in order to prevent the pipes freezing, as it was already minus five when we left tonight.

All the best,