Progress Report Sunday The 26th Of February 2012

Dear all,

A very pleasant sunny early Spring day in Wirksworth, with quite a large
number of casual visitors to keep the Booking Hall entertained, or more
specifically to get in the way of the annual pre-season painting and ask
questions while you are up a ladder. However, about 3/4 of the Booking
Hall is completed, having used several kilos of filler before the
application of primer and two top coats, in an attempt to preserve this
fine portable building for posterity. The embankment gardens also
received attention, as did the bookshop. Outside, several choice winter
potholes were filled in Station Approach so as not to damage the
suspension of the station bike.

The yard this week deposited itself into platform 1, with railcar 51505,
which had emerged briefly from the DMU team's closet, complete with a
new ceiling, correct period lights and other restored features, parked
in the platform: Its seats are being extracted to be re-covered in
original moquette, a process which will take several weeks. In so far as
the seats have never been out of this unit since it was called into
preservation, at least 30 years of under-seat grime emerged together
with a selection of small coinage, a variety of heritage tickets, a
small bush and a choice piece of felt. Most of today was therefore spent
grinding 30 year old chewing gum from the heater ducts and applying CIF
cleaner to parts never before seen by humans. In the cab a suspiciously
wobbly drivers chair had its seat bottom replaced and the wobbly bottom
has been consigned to the great wobbly bottom repository in the sky,
which has been franchised by the government to ASDA.

All the best,