Progress Report Friday The 7th Of February 2014

Dear all,

Quite a delightful day of winter sunshine here and no evidence of floods up to our tractor axles, seaside storms, or slightly confused crabs
deposited on the roof of Wyvern Towers. Down the yard, the LMSCA
attended to the sliding windows of the Third Open, as well as the door
backs and the gutter ends, or beaks as they are known to the locals.

Back at the station, the Extra Ladies received a new tube heater, "new
to us" that is; the Gents received a new closer, it having been found
that one closer wasn't sufficient in a high wind to keep the door shut
while Gentlemen were adjusting their dress; in addition a new lamp shelf was provided in the Mess Room for our choice selection of front and tail
lamps. All we need now are some new batteries to go in them.

I am most grateful to Bishell Family Suppliers for our charming new soup
pans. The soup dragon will be here to fill them up in a very soon moment.

All the best,