Photo Diary: Week 48, 365

Christmas is nearly here, so why are most of the local shop windows display the abysmal black outfits?! It's becoming a joke. I want to see some colour and sparkle, not the dull clothes. Did I miss something? Is it some kind of a fashion statement? I walked in town with my camera, talking one photo of black-dressed mannequins after another. If I am not feeling lazy, I'll put them on my blog.

Giggling Eddie, sleepyhead who refuses to sleep, claiming he's not that tired.

On Tuesday I met with my friend Deb and her lovely little man in a Sainsbury's cafe for a cup of coffee and a good old chin wag. While her son was happily doing the stickers in the magazine I brought with me for him, we discussed school, kids, coming Christmas. And I had my first mince pie of the season.

I'm sure I have a photo from Wednesday on my mobile, but it's run out of battery, so cannot check right now. I have more photos of mannequins on my camera taken on Wednesday, but one photo of them is probably enough for one post.

Thursday was the Thanksgiving day. Our older son was born in the States, and though we don't really celebrate the Thanksgiving, I fancied baking one of the American pies. The pumpkin pie didn't quite appeal to my guys, so I baked a honey pie instead. I loved the filling, but wasn't so keen on the pastry. Next time it will be a Jus-Rol again.

This week I have been making lots of different chutneys, including this festive apple and raisin chutney with spices and grappa.

Today was a bit of a miracle day for us. Since last Christmas Sasha has been purposefully avoiding the company of his younger brother, and it's been very difficult to do anything together as a family. In fact we hardly did anything together recently, apart from our week in Cornwall. I didn't notice how it started this morning, but Eddie was playing with Sasha, and instead of escaping upstairs to the safety of his room, Sasha was smiling and playing along. They kept jumping and running from room to room, and I tried to follow with my camera. The photos I took are pretty wobbly and out of focus, but you can see them together and smiling. That is truly a Christmas miracle.