Kazoops! Album: Just Imagine - Volume 1

If there is a pre-schooler or a primary age child in your family, I'm sure you have heard of Kazoops! animation show from CBeebies. It's a fun entertaining programme about a 6-year-old boy called Monty and his best friend Jimmy Jones who happens to be a pig (as in oink-oink, not because he has no manners). They have imaginative adventures together and travel to different times and places. Each episode comes with a unique song.
The styles and genres of music in the show vary from episode to episode.

On October 28th the music from this popular TV series was released worldwide on several download providers. The songs reflect the power of imagination and would appeal to both children and grown-ups.

From several music videos that Eddie and I watched together, he liked the Dino Saurus Games song the best. Dinos seem to be irresistible for the younger audience.
I loved the Matching Socks song, as it addresses the eternal question as to whether the socks should really match (and where do all the matching socks disappear?) or not.
Every song tells a different story, and each one is an inspiration.
There are 20 songs in the first Kazoops series. They are included in the first album titled "Just Imagine - Volume 1".
You have an opportunity to buy either the whole album or individual songs on different platforms like iTunes, Amazon (£7.99), Spotify, Pandora etc.

The songs are gentle, kind, humorous and have catchy tunes.

Buy Kazoops! album Just Imagine - Volume 1 on Amazon for £7.99